Middle Fork Feather River

UPDATE: 9-16-2021 USFS lands have reopened

Fall is in the air in the Northern Sierra and water temps have started coming back down to safe levels. With the cooler temperatures and recent rain, the Plumas has reopened and I am accepting reservations for the Middle Feather again! The river is low but temps are good. Fishing is good, but you have to cover a lot of water to find fish.

I am excited to be offering winter trips on the Middle Feather this coming winter. The river will be open to winter angling for the first time starting November 16 2021. It is an untapped winter fishery and will be fun exploring its potential. Any one want to join?


The Wild and Scenic Middle Feather River begins in the Sierra Valley where head water streams gather. From here it flows unimpeded to Oroville Reservoir. Designated a Wild and Scenic river in 1967, the Middle Feather is unrivaled in its scenic beauty. Tumbling through rugged canyons, the river is home to wild rainbow trout as well as a few brown trout eager to eat a well presented fly. Abundant hatches and lack of pressure make the Middle Feather Fly Fishing a great destination.

The section of river that I guide is from Clio to the Red Bridge near Quincy. Good access to the river is available in Graeagle as well as Two Rivers and Camp Layman. A couple of forest roads provide access between Sloat and Red Bridge. All fly fishing here is done while walk/wading and it is not uncommon to do a bit of hiking between spots.

The season runs from the last Saturday in April to November 15. Early season fishing can be good to great depending on the water year. Streamers account for the largest trout caught in the spring. Prolific hatches mark early summer season with dry fly fishing at its finest. By mid July in most years, the river warms up to the point that we can no longer safely practice catch and release. When this occurs I stop fishing here until water temps drop in the fall. Cool crisp mornings and brilliant colors await the fly fisherman in the fall.

Lodging options:

Quincy: https://plumascounty.org/Places-To-Stay-Quincy

Graeagle: https://plumascounty.org/Places-To-Stay-Graeagle-Cromberg

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