Time Flies When You Are Fishing

Hello all! It’s been a minute since I have graced these pages with with an update. It is hard to believe that today is July 1 already. Time flies when you’re fishing. The summer season has been exceptionally busy thus far and I am grateful for all of the continued support! June was really, really […]

Pyramid Lake Is Open

Hello Folks! The Tribe has finally reopened the lake to recreational uses including fishing. This season, due to Covid-19, things are a bit different at the lake. Most notably a sharp increase in daily and 3 day permit fees with no seasonal permits being offered at this time. The tribe is also asking visitors to […]

Fishing Report 6-16-2020

Hello there! It’s been a while since my last post and seems as if the world is a different place. In late March I suspended my guide service due to the Covid-19 pandemic and self quarantined at my place in Sierraville. I fished here and there as the lockdown continued. As things slowly reopened I […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 29 2020

Welcome to the Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 29 2020. January has been pretty typical with one to five fish days being common. Although the fishing is fairly slow this time of year, the fish we are catching are on the larger size; 10-12 pounds with a few in the upper teens possible. Weather has […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17, 2020

Winter fishing continues in full swing for this edition of Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17, 2020, with most days averaging 1-5 fish. If you happen to be at the right spot at the right time, being a part of an historic bite is possible. I was lucky enough to experience this phenomenon. On Tuesday, […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020

Happy New Year! What’s new in this Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020? To start, winter has set in and the fishing conditions have followed suit. Cold mornings and if the sun is out warmish afternoons is the latest weather pattern. Fishing has been fairly consistent as of late. No real red hot bite […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Dec 12 2019

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Dec 12 2019 Not much has changed for this weeks Pyramid Lake fishing report compared to my last report. Fly fishing is still slow with 1-5 fish days being reported by most anglers. The upside is experienced fisherman are landing multiple fish that weigh over 10 pounds. Now is the time […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Nov 15 2019

Hello there! Its been quite some time since my last report. Before I get to my Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Nov 15 2019 I will share what’s new here at Jay Clark Fly Fishing. To start, life has been treating me very well. Work, fish, see live music,rinse,repeat. As I near the end of my […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report April 17, 2018

The tough season at Pyramid Lake continues with cold weather and lock jawed trout. If you are in the right place at the right time ( Pelican after the Tribe dumps freshly spawned fish) then you may experience a decent bite. The water remains cold as this prolonged cold spell hangs around. Pyramid Lake is […]

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report March 27 2018

Its been a frustrating season at Pyramid Lake. Just when one thinks that the fishing is about to go off, it does just the opposite. Fishing has been very slow compared to what we expect for this time of year. There are still some nice fish being caught. If you are in the right place […]

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