Stillwater Fly Fishing


Milton Lake

The Northern Sierra is blessed with an abundance of fly fishing options. Freestone rivers, tailwaters, small streams, lakes and reservoirs offer a wide range of opportunities to catch trout on the fly. Stillwater flyfishing is different from fishing moving waters in a variety of ways. Most notably, the fish are constantly on the move in lakes while trout can be found in the same spot day after day in rivers. Fly fishing techniques we use on stillwaters include stripping bugs and streamers on floating and sinking lines, indicator nymphing, deep water break way indicator nymphing, dry fly and dry/droppers.

Stillwaters we fly fish:

Milton Lake is home to wild brown trout in a magnificent backcountry setting. A tailwater impoundment, Milton fishes like a big spring creek. Cold water all season long, amazing hatches and finicky wild fish make this a destination for the dry fly enthusiast. Long light leaders, fine tippets and small dries are the name of the game at this wonderous backcountry lake.

A nice Milton Lake brown trout.

Webber Lake,


A gorgeous Webber Lake rainbow trout.

Independence Lake,

Roll casting a line at Independence Lake

and the Truckee Reservoirs (Stampede. Boca, Prosser) in the Truckee area.

We also are permitted to fish Lake Davis, Frenchmans Reservoir, as well as the Lakes Basin on the Plumas National Forest.