Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Preview

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Preview

With the Pyramid Lake season opener less than a week away, excitement is building for the upcoming fly fishing season . The lake has risen over 11 feet since last January and will be like fishing a new  lake with many of the popular spots looking completely different from last year. With  roads still being repaired from last years record winter there are closures in place. North of Warrior Point is closed including Monument Rocks and Wizard Cove.  At the south end the closure includes Howards Bay and Dago Beach. The loss of access to these areas in painful as some of the best fall/early winter shore fishing happens on the beaches in the closed area.

Tui Chub bait balls being herded by hungry cutthroat trout

For the opener look for bait balls over deeper water near Warrior, Shot Dog and Spider Point and fast strip tui chub patterns through them. Cutthrout will be feeding heavily on chubs this time of year and having a floating device to fish from is advantageous. A word of caution about the use of float tubes, pontoons, and other small craft on Pyramid; pay close attention to the forecast and current conditions. Err on the side of caution and get off the water if the wind starts to come up.

Early season fishing at Warrior

Early season shore fishing options include Indian Head, Wino, and Blockhouse or any shoreline that has close access to deeper water. Look for bait balls and you will find trout. As water temperatures  drop in late October shore fishing will pick up at Pyramid and fish will be found at more and more beaches. Fall fishing at Pyramid is good to great depending on the day and ability to find bait balls.

For flies, I like to fish tui chub patterns such as the Drunken Minnow, Moo Minnows, Aunt Bunny, Clouser Minnows and Stanley Streamers retrieved through schools of chubs on a fast sink line. Deep water indicator techniques with break with away indicators and Balanced Moo Minnows is also a great way to catch fish in the early season.

Drunken Minnow

Fishing Report

Truckee River- Fishing on the Truckee is good right now as flows and water temps have been dropping. Dry dropper rigs have been very effective this past week with fish eating both. The hot dry has been an orange bodied rubber leg crystal stimulator with numerous fish coming up to eat. My go to nymph has been the Pink Jiggy nymph, but have also had luck with hares ears, birds nests and pheasant tails. There has been a pretty good BWO hatch in the afternoon and some PED’s in the evening with fish up on the surface eating a well presented dry.

Little Truckee River- Right now is a good time to give this small river a break as flows have been ramped down to 15 cfs to facilitate inspection of the inner workings of Stampede Dam. Flows will be ramped back up at the end of the week.

Pyramid-Opens October 1