Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Nov 15 2019

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Nov 15 2019

Hello there! Its been quite some time since my last report. Before I get to my Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Nov 15 2019 I will share what’s new here at Jay Clark Fly Fishing. To start, life has been treating me very well. Work, fish, see live music,rinse,repeat. As I near the end of my 13th year as a guide, I am reflecting on this season. 2019 has turned out to be my best year yet. I am grateful for Brian Slusser and his continued support and generosity. In addition, I would be remiss if I excluded Matt Heron from this conversation. Thank you is just not enough. Lastly, a big shout out to the guides I work with on a daily basis! Keep up the good work, boys!

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

Shore fishing has been a mixed bag lately. Not a lot of grabs, but the quality of the fish is tremendous. Water temps have been in the low to mid 50’s at the lake and this has helped with the fishing as fish are staying in shallower water longer. Most of my success this week has come on black peacock balanced leach with the bleeding minner a close second. In contrast, a few weeks ago the fish were eating red Borracho, Rootbeer Float and MFer midges and balanced flies not so much.

The author with a 17 pound cutty caught on a red Borracho Midge in October.

The beaches that have good access to deep water are where I’m finding fish. Southern beaches such as Sandhole, Raw Hide, Blockhouse, Cattle Guard and Popcorn are worth fishing. My flies are being eaten anywhere from 4′ to 13′ under the Jaydacator. Adjust depth until you find hungry fish.

I haven’t been fishing the north end but I’m hearing decent reports. Fish are being caught from Monument to the Nets on a variety of presentations. Stripping boobies, buggers and streamers is working if thats more your style.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Nov 15 2019
16.5 # chromer caught this week on a bleeding minner.

I am using an 11’6″ 6# Redinton Chromer switch rod to present the flies at distance. Additionally, I use Rio’s Switch Chucker matched to the rod. A powerful setup for casting heavy bobber rigs in all conditions. For stripping I use a 9’6″ 8# Sage XP with 27′ T-11 connected to Rio’s metered running line.

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