Pyramid Lake Fishing Report March 27 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report March 27 2018
Gil with his first LCT at Pyramid Lake

Its been a frustrating season at Pyramid Lake. Just when one thinks that the fishing is about to go off, it does just the opposite. Fishing has been very slow compared to what we expect for this time of year. There are still some nice fish being caught. If you are in the right place at the right time you may experience a good bite, but there is no consistency.

Whats Working

Red has come into play over the past two weeks. Trojan Midge is my go to red midge for Pyramid. Borracho(wine), rootbeer, rootbeer float and green midges have also gotten fish lately. Balanced minnowsare also a good choice on choppy days. As far as depth goes, 6-10′ to the bottom fly has been a good starting point and adjust from there.

What Beach?

Pick a beach any beach…The reality is that fish can be caught at any beach at any time. For consistent fishing look for where the most people are fishing and join on in. I have still been concentrating on beaches with deeper water easily accessible. My normal spring haunts have been pretty meh this year. The Nets should be going off and have been at times, but are not consistent.  Pelican has been exceptionally crowded due to some decent fishing at times.

Mudline from Hardscrabble Creek in Suttcliffe after recent rains.

With the recent torrential rains the south end has been muddied up. Also some small tribs have been pumping mud into the lake so there is off colored water a few other areas as well. Things should clear up fairly quickly as we enter a dry period.

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