Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020

Happy New Year! What’s new in this Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020? To start, winter has set in and the fishing conditions have followed suit. Cold mornings and if the sun is out warmish afternoons is the latest weather pattern. Fishing has been fairly consistent as of late. No real red hot bite to speak of but we are still catching some great fish.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report january 3 2020
First fish of 2020!

Whats Working

For this edition of Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020 most of my fish have been caught on balanced leeches and minnows under the jaydacator . Blood leech, peacock, and black magic as well as bleeding minnows and dark olive minnows are working. Midges such as the red borracho and the OG rootbeer also are catching. Depth seems to be as important as the fly. Varying the depth until fish respond is recommended. Anywhere from 7ish to as deep as 12 feet will get grabs.

For anglers that like to strip flies, fish are reportedly in shallower water. Stripping can be deadly but also requires patience and stamina. And wet hands from handling wet line. Boobies in white, chartreuse/white and black as well as popcorn beetles, black buggers and tui chub patterns will get eaten.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020
A stunning cutthroat from Pyramid Lake, Nv.

What Beach

Great fish are being caught on beaches from Popcorn to Monument. I am still fishing places that have access to deep water close to shore on the south end of the lake. Blockhouse, Cattle Guard and Popcorn are such places. Up north anglers are finding fish from the North Nets to Monument. Pick a beach and get your flies in the water. Patience and persistence will pay off.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report January 3 2020
Early morning at Pyramid Lake, Nv

Cold temperatures and Big fish await at Pyramid. Book your trip now!