Pyramid Lake Fishing Report-Jan 3 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report-Jan 3 2018
Releasing a nice fish from a recent Pyramid Lake Guided Fly Fishing Adventure

Happy New Year! I hope the new year brings great joy to you all! Fishing at Pyramid Lake over the holidays could be best described as slow. We have been experiencing a prolonged period of high pressure and record temperatures which made the fishing pleasant, but tough at times.

Another stunning sunrise at Pyramid Lake.

The morning bite is still the most consistent. Mid day has been pretty dead especially when the lake is glassy and the evening bite has been very inconsistent.The first few hours in the morning has produced the best results so its a good idea to hit Pyramid at 0 dark thirty. If nothing else you may be treated to a spectacular desert sunrise.

Root Beer Float Midge

Midges and balanced leeches have both been working, with the midge getting eaten a bit more on calm days with little wind and chop. Root Beer Float, MFers and Skittles have been the best producing midges over the past few weeks. Moo minnows, bleeding minnows, black n pink, and chartreuse balanced leeches have all been eaten lately on days with wind, rollers and chop.Depth has been key and I am fishing up to 12′ under the indicator. Start shallow (6-8′) early and go deep once the sun is on the water.

Desert Chrome from Pyramid Lake Guided Fly Fishing Adventures.

I have openings available in January and February. Let’s fish!