Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 29 2020

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 29 2020
Early morning goodness…

Welcome to the Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 29 2020. January has been pretty typical with one to five fish days being common. Although the fishing is fairly slow this time of year, the fish we are catching are on the larger size; 10-12 pounds with a few in the upper teens possible. Weather has been fairly mild at Pyramid with some windy days thrown in for good measure. Water temps seem to be holding in the mid 40’s and will start coming up as the overnight temps fail to go below freezing. I have read in other Pyramid Lake fishing reports that the fish stop eating minnows this time of year and only eat midges. This is a patently false claim and the proof is in the pudding so to speak. They are still eating minnows. Just more nonsense being spewed by out of area guides.

Another great Pyramid Lake sunrise.
Whats Working
Not much change in Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 29 2020 concerning fly selection. Balanced Bleeding Minnows under the Jaydacator are getting the most action for me. Other balanced flies such as bloodleech and black peacock are still working on occasion. Midges that are working include wine, red and caddis green borrachos, rootbeer, and rootbeer float. Depth of flies under the bobber has been variable. Anywhere from 5′ all the way to 14′ to the bottom fly. Change depth until you start getting grabs. 6′ seemed to be the magic number for me this week. Even when fishing 12-15′ deep water. Experiment until it comes together.
For those that like stripping flies on sinking line, boobies and beetles seem to be working best. Chartruese and white, black, black and purple are color combinations that are working best. Be aware that a good ol wooly bugger in black will work as well. Vary retrieve speeds and hold on. One word of caution…there is a lot of algae breaking loose so some beaches are really dirty with it while others are clean. If your flies are fowled every cast move to a beach with a cleaner bottom or Jadacate.

Patience paying off.
What Beaches
I’ve been breaking from routine lately and fishing north of Suttcliffe mostly. On one hand change of pace is valuable. On the other hand the fishing up north has been better. There are great fish being caught down south but they are few and far between in my estimation. The North Nets, DB Point, and the Marina are crowded but fishing well. Pelican, Windless, Spider and Warrior are less crowded and are providing fun fishing. Lots of shoreline to explore if crowds are not your thing.
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Tight Lines, Jay