Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 12, 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 12, 2018

Stormy weather returned this week, but the fish never really responded like was expected. The fishing remains very slow, but there have been some nice fish being caught after the sun goes behind the mountains. One fish can turn a bad day into a good one. Especially when that one fish is over 10 pounds!

12 pound cutthroat caught just before dark.

Because I have been getting bored watching my bobber do nothing , I have spent more time the past few days pulling streamers on my spey rod (12’6″ 6# Redington Prospector). Chubby Minnow, Popcorn Beetles, and black wooly buggers have gotten grabs fished on 10′ T14 tip. There has been an ok streamer grab just before dark so make sure to fish late. Cast , strip, repeat…

Chubby Minnow

For the dedicated bobber fisherman, midges in wine, rootbeer float,  and MFer will get grabs. Balanced leeches(peacock, pink/black, midnight fire) are worth fishing when there is a good chop on the water. Start shallow and fish deeper as the day progresses and then shallow again in the evening.

Fishing into the evening during a recent adventure.

My best advise is try not to get discouraged. Fish with confidence. Keep your flies in the water and fish a variety of beaches. Fish early and late. Remember that it is January and one to five fish is typical. I have the most confidence in beaches with close access to deep water. I’ve heard reports of a decent bite at the Nets that took place last weekend, but I wasnt there and cant confirm the report.