Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Feb 2 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Feb 2 2018
Releasing a nice Pilot Peak Cutthroat from a recent adventure at Pyramid Lake.

Welcome to Springuary at the Desert Lake! High pressure has settled in again over Pyramid and with it the fishing remains tough. January was a challenging month on the reservation with slow fishing the only real constant. We did have some weather and if you were on the right beach at the right time you may have been lucky enough to get into some fish. Then things slowed way down again with 1-5 fish being a good day.

The upside to the tough fishing is that one grab you get may be from a MONSTER! I was lucky enough to tangle with a true beast the other day, but in the end after a long run to deep water the hook pulled and I was left empty handed. It has been a few years since I’ve hooked anything that large. We had a good look at the fish before it went deep and it was a great fish. Win some lose some.

Morning solitude at Pelican Rocks.

The crowds have been fairly light mid week, but the weekend brings them out. No one beach has been better than the others and now is a great time to explore the lake. There are lots of out of the way places to fish that are giving up a fish or two. Midges are still my go to flies with the Rootbeer Float producing the best for me. On windy days with some chop balanced leeches are producing. Black Peacock, Midnight fire, black/pink nad chartreuse have all gotten grabs lately. Foxy Chub and Crafty Chub have gotten fish stripped erratically on a sink line. Other flies that are working are Moobies and popcorn beetles.

A decent midge eater from Pyramid Lake.

Fishing should start to improve as we get closer to spring. My best advice is forget the forecast and the reports and go fish. Fish can’t be caught unless you keep your line in the water.

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See you at the Desert Lake!