Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Dec 12 2019

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Dec 12 2019
Guide Jay Clark with a nice chromer from Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Dec 12 2019

Not much has changed for this weeks Pyramid Lake fishing report compared to my last report. Fly fishing is still slow with 1-5 fish days being reported by most anglers. The upside is experienced fisherman are landing multiple fish that weigh over 10 pounds. Now is the time to experience fly fishing at the Desert Lake. Do not hesitate to make your own Pyramid Lake Fishing Report!

Pyramid Lake fly fishing report
Stunning sunrise at Pyramid Lake.

What’s Working

As stated in a previous post, I am fishing exclusively under a Jaydacator. Handmade in Truckee Ca, these lightweight indicators cast well, float a ton of weight and are easy to see in low light conditions. Flies that are working for me are dark olive, olive grey, and bleeding balanced minnow. While balanced flies are most productive, midge patterns such as the red barracho, green borracho, rootbeer float, and wine are catching fish as well. Given the right conditions. Folks that are stripping boobies, beetles, and traditional wooly bugger/worm flies are getting fish also.

Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report Dec 12 2019
Patience and persistence paid off with this beauty from Pyramid Lake

Where to Fish

I am spending most of my time along the southwestern shoreline where there is close access to deeper water. Popcorn Rock to Rawhide offers the best access. The lake is busy with anglers. Just because there is a group of fisherman fishing together does not mean that the fishing is good. In most cases this time of year its more plausible that its just a group of friends fishing together.

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