Pyramid Lake Fishing Report April 17, 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report April 17, 2018
Darrel hooked up on a recent adventure.

The tough season at Pyramid Lake continues with cold weather and lock jawed trout. If you are in the right place at the right time ( Pelican after the Tribe dumps freshly spawned fish) then you may experience a decent bite. The water remains cold as this prolonged cold spell hangs around. Pyramid Lake is rising as the Truckee River is dumping over 3000 cfs into the lake. With all of that said, we are still finding fish on every adventure, but the numbers are down from previous years.

Whats Working

Being a slave to the bobber, I’ve been fishing midges and pupae mostly. El Boracho Bloto has been my most effective fly as of late. Rootbeer, rootbeer float, and MF’rs caught fish recently.

El Boracho Bloto size 6

I haven’t been stripping flies all that much, but have had success with popcorn beetles, white/chartreuse boobies and black wooly buggers. Vary the retrieve until you get a grab and then stick with what works.

Hot Beaches

Pelican Rocks has the most fish and the most crowds. Also there is a lot of algae in the water which fouls hooks, lines, bobbers and nets. The Nets can be ok at times but the wade out is too deep for a short guy like me so I haven’t been going there at all. Spider, Shotdog and other areas with steep drop offs have been fishing ok. I haven’t been down south at all lately so I dont have any info for those beaches.

John with a nice cutthroat form a recent adventure.

I have a few open dates for Pyramid in April and May. Call me at 530 414 1655 to book your adventure.