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Northern Sierra Fly Fishing

The Northern Sierra offers some of the best fly fishing environments. Fishing along the Middle Fork Feather River and Truckee River offers a dynamic experience, where you can navigate the currents and get the thrill of hooking a lively trout. Meanwhile, stillwater fishing provides a different rhythm, where anglers can cast their lines and enjoy the peaceful lakeside views.

Fly Fishing in Middle Fork Feather River

Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing

The Middle Fork Feather River offers great fly fishing. Experience a day of finding abundant trout populations as we navigate and explore some of our favorite fishing spots.

Fly Fishing in Truckee River

Truckee River Fly Fishing

The Truckee River is home to finding your next rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Enjoy a fun day of fly fishing while we move along different sections of this iconic river.

Tahoe Area Stillwater Fly Fishing

Stillwater Fly Fishing

Relax and enjoy the calm waters of stillwater fishing, perfect for catching Sierra’s finest trout. Take in the peaceful scenery on your next fishing adventure.

FAQ – Fly Fishing Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive from guests. Feel free to call 530-414-1655 or contact us for any additional questions.

Yes, you will need one. A valid California Fishing license can be found at: https://wildlife.ca.gov/Licensing/Online-Sales

Clothing appropriate to the time of year. Socks to wear inside the waders. Sun protection ie. Sun glasses, sun hat, long sleeve shirt. In an effort to reduce single use plastic water bottle, I no longer supply water that way. Please bring your filled favorite water container and I will supply refills from my water jug. A good attitude, a sense of adventure and a willingness to learn are also important thins to bring along.

I supply all gear that is necessary for our day on the water including waders/boots, rods/reels, flies, leaders and tippet at no extra cost. If you have your own gear I suggest that we use it and I can fill in the blanks. On half day trips I supply water and a snack. Full day trips include lunch, water and snack.  Please inform me of any food allergies ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

We are targeting trout mostly. Rainbows and browns on the Middle Feather. Rainbows, browns and Mt Whitefish on the Truckee. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout are available in the spring in good numbers on Prosser Cr, Alder Creek and the Upper Little Truckee. We also target bass during the summer. Smallmouth bass on the Truckee Reservoirs and Largemouth bass on Lake Davis.

We meet the morning of (or early afternoon for afternoon half day trips) at a predesignated meeting site. After a quick introduction we will head out to our first location. We will gear up, take care of paperwork and discuss our plan of attack. Once on the water I will give instruction based on the anglers skill level and desired goals for the day. From there, we will proceed to fish our butts off till its time to call it a day. Expect to drive your own vehicle to the fishing spots. There will be exceptions to this if we are adventuring far afield or need my 4×4 to get to the spot.

I accept most forms of payment but prefer Venmo. Cash and credit cards are convenient, but I accept whatever is easiest for you.