Fishing Report 7-1-21

Summer Fishing

Hello all! It’s been a minute since I have graced these pages with with an update. It is hard to believe that today is July 1 already. Time flies when you’re fishing. The summer season has been exceptionally busy thus far and I am grateful for all of the continued support! June was really, really hot here in the Northern Sierra. With the heat and historically bad winter our rivers are in pretty rough shape at this time.

Truckee River

The Truckee still has good flows but water temps are warming into the upper 60’s in the afternoon prompting a voluntary “hoot owl” closure. Fish the early morning until noonish or the water temps hit 68-70*, land fish quickly and limit grip and grin pics.

Reservoirs – Bass

One option is to fish for bass on our area reservoirs. Bass are warm water species that are fun to catch on fly gear. Give the trout a break in the afternoon and target bass.

Middle Feather River – Carp

Carp fishing on the upper Middle Feather River in the Sierra Valley is another way to enjoy fly fishing while leaving the trout alone. Carp are hard fighting, spooky and readily eat a well presented fly.

Pyramid Lake

In late May, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal council decided to increase the permit fee for guides from $1600 to $7500. Due to this sharp increase, I am closing my guide service at the lake. This brings me much sadness as I have invested the past 12 years of my life into building a following at the lake. Thanks to all of you who fished with me at the lake! I will cherish the hours we spent in the wind and waves. Onto bigger and better opportunities!

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to the next chance we get to fish!


Jay Clark - Professional fly fishing guide for the MIddle Fork Feather River and Truckee River.

About The Author

Jay Clark is a lifelong outdoorsman that enjoys being near the water. Starting out with fishing as a childhood pastime, Jay has honed his skills over the years, evolving from a hobbyist to a seasoned fly fishing pro. Jay’s passion runs deep – offering guided fishing excursions along the Middle Feather River, Truckee River, and serene stillwater spots in the Northern Sierra.

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