Today’s fishing report will focus on the Middle Fork Feather River and the Truckee River.

Middle Fork Feather River

Fishing remains very good on the Middle Fork Feather River with all methods still working. Flows are getting low on the upper river with only 45 cfs on the Portola gauge. Better flows can be found below Jamison Creek with an estimated flow of around 200cfs. Water temps have gotten a bit of a reprieve with the dry cold front that just passed dropping temps a few degrees. This won’t last long as air temps creep back into the upper 80’s and water temps head back into the upper 60’s. Please carry a stream thermometer and use it often throughout the day. Stop fishing when water temps hit 68 degrees. The fish will be eternally grateful!

The dry fly fishing is good to great depending on the day and location. Look for Trico spinners and spent Tricos in the mornings around Graeagle and Blairsden. Yellow sallies and caddis ovipositing have fish feeding on the surface mid day. Baetis and PMD mayflies are hatching as well. It’s a veritable smorgasbord for the fishies right now. Dry dropper has been responsible for fish as well.

The fish can be found in a variety of water types from slow frog water to fast riffles and pocket water. Be thorough when covering the water and make sure to put some casts in the fast stuff at the head of the riffles.

What’s Working

Dry Flies: Missing Link Yellow Sallie (14), Parachute Adams, (14-18), Trico Spinner (20-24) Sparkle Flag BWO (14-16), Sparkle Flag PMD (14-16), Comparadun (16), Elk Hair Caddis (14-16), E/C Caddis (14-16) Chubby Chernobyl (10), Rubber Leg Crystal Stimulator yellow (10) Nymphs: Rusty Jig (14-16), Raindrop Perdigon (14-16), Plastic Surgeon (14-16), Electrolyte Baetis (14-16), Iron Sally (14-16), Sparkle Caddis (14-16), Fox’s Pupa (14-16)

Truckee River

The summer fishing season is in full swing on the Truckee River. With that we find the return of the smaller summer fish with a few good fish in the mix. While nymphing is the name of the game, there is some fun dry fly fishing if you are in the right place at the right time. A mix of BWO’s, March Browns, PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, caddis and a handful of green drakes have been observed hatching over the past few days and is . The fish are in the fast water and pocket water as well as some slower runs. Dry dropper, tightline and indicator methods are catching fish so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The river is busy with lots of different user groups including guides and anglers. Please be patient, use proper etiquette and know that a smile and wave will go a lot further than a scowl and sharp word will.

What’s Working

Dry Flies: Parachute Adams (16-20), Missing Link PMD (14-16), Sparkle Flag (14-16), E/C Caddis (14-16), Yellow Sallie (14-16), Chubby Chernobyl (10), Turk’s Tarantula (10) Nymphs: Plastic Surgeon (14-16), Rusty Jig (14-16), Electrolyte Baetis (14-16), Perdigons (14-16), Iron Sally (14-16), Sparkle Caddis (14-16), Fox’s Pupa (14-16)


Jay Clark - Professional fly fishing guide for the MIddle Fork Feather River and Truckee River.

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Jay Clark is a lifelong outdoorsman that enjoys being near the water. Starting out with fishing as a childhood pastime, Jay has honed his skills over the years, evolving from a hobbyist to a seasoned fly fishing pro. Jay’s passion runs deep – offering guided fishing excursions along the Middle Feather River, Truckee River, and serene stillwater spots in the Northern Sierra.

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