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  • Ideal water temperatures as seen on a stream thermometer

    Discover How Water Temperatures Affect Trout Behavior

    With the warmer summer months at hand, water temperatures across the west are starting to climb. Discover how water temperatures… Read more

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  • Casting Faults and Fixes

    Fly Casting Fly casting is an enjoyable and important aspect of fly fishing. A good cast will make presenting the… Read more

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  • Beulah Platinum G2 9050 Fly Rod Gear Review

    Beulah Fly Rods Platinum G2 9050

    Gear Review I’ve been a fan of Beulah since a buddy let me try out his original Beulah Platinum a… Read more

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  • Learn about fly fishing etiquette in the Northern Sierra.

    Fly Fishing Etiquette

    A recent text from another guide about a negative interaction with an angler has me thinking about etiquette in general.… Read more

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