Beulah Platinum G2 9050 Fly Rod Gear Review

Gear Review

I’ve been a fan of Beulah since a buddy let me try out his original Beulah Platinum a number of years ago. I finally took the plunge in 2022 and purchased the Platinum G2 for my clients to use. The first thing I noticed is how light in the hand this rod feels. Its super light, weighing only 2.8 oz. Being light weight, this rod is a joy to cast all day long. It really feels more like a 4 weight than 5. This road is very well balanced with the Sage Spectrum C 4/5 fly reel. The Beulah Platinum G2 Series rods are constructed using state of the art Graphene material, AAAA Cork grips with burl inlays, wood burl insert on reel seats, solid titanium stripper guides, and industries finest Snake brand* guides.

The 5 weight is listed as a medium fast action rod on Beulah’s website and I would concur. It casts well in all conditions, throwing tight loops even in strong winds. But this rod is slow enough action wise to protect delicate tippets on the hook set. I fish this rod mostly using dry fly or dry dropper presentation. On occasion I will rig it for indicator nymph fishing and it handles that duty very well. Lastly it makes a fun streamer rod and can accurately cast sculpin patterns on a sink tip at distance.

The joy I find in fighting fish on the Platinum G2 is akin to the joy I find at a live music event. It is refreshing for the soul to have a rod as light as this but the backbone to handle any fish I may come across in the Northern Sierra. Lightweight yet strong is the hallmark of this fun fly rod.

I recommend Beulah Fly Rods to anyone looking to support a small rod manufacturing company that makes incredible rods that are reasonably priced.


Jay Clark - Professional fly fishing guide for the MIddle Fork Feather River and Truckee River.

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Jay Clark is a lifelong outdoorsman that enjoys being near the water. Starting out with fishing as a childhood pastime, Jay has honed his skills over the years, evolving from a hobbyist to a seasoned fly fishing pro. Jay’s passion runs deep – offering guided fishing excursions along the Middle Feather River, Truckee River, and serene stillwater spots in the Northern Sierra.

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