Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17, 2020

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17 2020
Another great LCT this week from Pyramid Lake

Winter fishing continues in full swing for this edition of Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17, 2020, with most days averaging 1-5 fish. If you happen to be at the right spot at the right time, being a part of an historic bite is possible. I was lucky enough to experience this phenomenon. On Tuesday, as we hooked 7 fish over 10 pounds. Two fellow guides were a hundred yards down shore and they each hooked 10 fish over 10 pounds! Truly incredible!

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17 2020
Colored up sunrise before the epic bite started.

Whats Working

No real changes in what is working in this Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17 2020. Balanced bleeding minnows, bloodleech, and peacock got takedowns recently. In addition, this week was the return of the midge bite. Borracho’s in red and green, OG Wine and OG Rootbeer all accounted for fish. I have not been stripping flies at all, but beetles and boobies are working in Chartreuse/white, black, and black and purple for those that have been.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report Jan 17 2020
Early morning double digit Bleeding Minnow eating fish

What Beach

Popcorn to Monument. Pick a beach and give it a shot. I am still concentrating on beaches with access to deep water close to shore such as Blockhouse and Cattleguard for the reason of fishing up to 12-14′ under the Jaydacator . Water temperatures are in the low to mid 40’s so the fish wont move very far for food. If stripping flies is your jam, then I suggest Pelican Beach and/or North Nets. I have heard of some fish being caught this way lately.

I have a few days open in January. Febuary and March are filling fast so don’t miss out on your chance at a super freak. Book your trip now!

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