Pyramid Lake Fishing Report March 4, 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report March 4, 2018

Cold and stormy weather this past week made for a much improved Pyramid Lake Fishing Report! Numerous fish over 10 pounds have been caught and a few downright monsters have been netted! The largest of these fish weighing in at 23 pounds! If you have been delaying your trip due to poor fishing, now is the time to get here. While not every day has been stellar, I have been able to string together 5 days in a row without being skunked. The best I’ve done all season.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 2018
Another 10 pound Pilot Peak Strain cutthroat about to be released.


What’s Working?

Indicator fishing has been consistent this week. Wine midges and Green Meany Caddis have been all I have been fishing because they are getting eaten. Sometimes very often. I have been hanging these in tandem 8-10 feet to the bottom fly. When the waves are big, set when the indicator goes through the wave.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 2018
Green Meany Caddis


Balanced Leeches in black, midnight fire, and black n pink have been working for friends and colleagues at the lake. I find that leeches work best with big waves and or chop. Midges work best with some chop and adding a twitch that imparts a bit of movement when the lake flattens out.


Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 2018
Preparing to release another fine Pilot Peak Strain cutthroat trout.

I have not been stripping flies this week at all. There are fish being caught stripping Popcorn Beetles, boobies and buggers by those dedicated to the strip. I am a self professed bobber junky.

Solitude has been tough to come by lately as the word is out that fishing is good to great. Depending on the day. Popular spring beaches such as the Nets and Pelican are getting very crowded. A bit of exploration can pay off with big fish and solitude. A winning combination in my book.

A word of caution. The roads have been icy/snow covered in the mornings with this latest storm cycle. Slow down and please drive carefully!

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 2018
A stormy day at Pyramid

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